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NNData takes a partner first approach by working with industry-leading technology and delivery companies to develop tight integrations for stronger security, easier deployments, and better interoperability for our customer’s Data Environments. Each one of our partners brings a unique value to our pipeline of solutions. Whether you are a value-added reseller, systems integrator, or technology company you can partner with us for your Data Management needs.

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Our targeted services and solutions turn Big Data complexity into Smart Data clarification and results. NNData fuels database, business intelligence, visualization, analytic engines (AI/ML), and data environment software with clean, automated, and pertinent data pipelines for increased market reach and customer value.


Sales and Integration opportunities are vast and bringing NNData to your team could be the defining factor to increased opportunity win and customer relevance. NNData is here to help our customers cultivate and strengthen their data environments by being at the forefront of implementing the latest data advancements while maintaining operational solution deployment rigor.