Enterprise In-Memory
    Data Management & ETL

    Connect to ALL of Your Data in the Cloud or Onsite
    No-Code Machine Learning: Create Smarter Data
    Take a Giant Leap Towards being an AI-Driven Enterprise

    Introduction to NNCompass

    Easily ingest, transform and prep your data
    Data Streams: Dozens of connectors for input / output
    Integrate all of your data, unstructured to structured
    Smart Data Creator: apply ML algorithms for insights

    Take Advantage of AI
    & Machine Learning Innovations

    Make Sure the Fuel of Machine Learning - Your Data - is AI Ready
    AI Workflow as a Service Engine
    Data Centralization & Integration
    Lightning-Quick AI/ML Experimentation

    Finally, True Unstructured Data
    Management & Enrichment

    In any business environment, a large percentage of data is unstructured, with insights hidden away in MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Adobe PDF's, emails, and text files. NNCompass is the first in-memory data management software to tackle the issue of applying structure to, and enriching unstructured files. Don't leave anything on the floor!

    Point & Click Machine Learning

    Ask Deep Questions of Your Data, And Get Answers
    Anyone Should be Able to Create Smart Data. We Open up the World of Machine Learning to Analysts Who KNOW the DATA. No Coding Required.
    Upload & Connect to Data, Initiate AI Workflows, and Start Experimenting with Machine Learning
    General Clustering
    Anomaly Detection
    Churn Analysis

NNCompass represents a new breed of data management software that uses human intelligence in concert with machine learning to transform “raw” data into effective and actionable ”smart data”.

  • NNCompass Enterprise
    NNCompass Enterprise is in-memory data management software that lets you get a handle on the most difficult data management, streaming, data flow, preparation & transformation tasks faced in the enterprise today. NNCompass Enterprise is deployed to your on-site servers / data center, connecting to your adopted user security model, like LDAP. It includes collaboration features allowing users to share data sources, data groups and data transforms.


    & Data Workflows

    Manage the ingest of streaming or static data from a variety of sources. Structured, Unstructured or Semi-structured.


    & Data Prep

    The absolute truth is data can be a huge mess. We have easy-to-use tools to clean it up without ever changing source data.


    Machine Learning Data Dictionary

    It needs to be easy to marry, merge, and integrate data to get the most value out of your data lake.


    Profiling Analytics

    We’ll help normalize things that are similar across your entire data lake, and automatically identify outliers.


    Completely Non-Proprietary

    Because not all BI tools are created equally. Our exporter was designed to work with an array of BI and visualization tools.


    To Unstructured Data

    NNCompass was specifically designed to ingest unstructured documents and allow the user to extract value to increase ROI


    Non-Technical & Technical

    Our easy-to-use interface was designed with the subject matter expert or business analyst in mind.


    Apply the power of machine learning quickly, and easily

    The Smart Data / Machine Learning Workbench lets any user take advantage of ML algorithms, such as clustering, correlation & classification


    Install on your local network

    NNCompass Enterprise can be deployed into your on-site environment, with installation support from NNData included.

    LDAP Integration

    Connect your users

    NNCompass Enterprise is configured to work with your adopted user security model


    Share Data Sources, Data Groups and Transforms

    Being able to collaborate on data sources, their preparation, transformations and streams is supported in NNCompass Enterprise

  • NNCompass Cloud
    NNCompass Cloud is smart data software that lets you get a handle on the most difficult data management, streaming, data flow, preparation & transformation tasks faced in the enterprise today. NNCompass Cloud is a monthly SaaS (access it in the cloud) subscription that allows you to extract the most ROI out of your data possible by handling everything from data ingest to complex data flows, and everything in between. Pay for access to NNCompass Cloud month-to-month, or one year for a discounted price.

    Ingest Data

    Data can be structured, semi-structured, or unstructured – and can come in any number of file formats. Comparing PDFs to Word documents is hard enough; comparing information in both of those to ESRI data and tiffs is nearly impossible. That’s why we created NNCompass Ingest. It’s a tool that streamlines all of those file types by creating a Unified Data Format (UDF) – and allows everything to be processed during the data ingest. The biggest part of Big Data shouldn't’t be the time it spends to clean it up.

    Integrate Data

    Sorting through a junk drawer is hard – but when that drawer has millions of fields, it can seem impossible. Our tool can automate that process for you. The first step in any analysis is taking the shape of the data you’ve already got. With NNCompass, you’ll be able to see everything from a 360 view – enabling you to quickly assess where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go. NNCompass creates a virtual data dictionary - allowing you to visualize repository structures and file formats in a way that’s never been done before.

    Stream Data

    NNCompass is a fully adaptable integration tool to connect your newly transformed data from the Unified Data Framework and stream into 100+ database and storage environment through our list of connectors. It ensures complex and unique data formats can be integrated into a comprehensive data repository, allowing business intelligence algorithms to perform across all possible information sources providing actionable intelligence to existing user interface for publishing of results. We want to let you focus on what matters most – getting the results you need, streamed into your data environment.

  • NNCompass Cloud Small Business
    NNCompass Cloud Small Business was developed with the small or botique firms in mind. If you're looking to get a handle on your cluttered invoices, billing, customer data, spreadsheets, word documents and integrate all of that for a complete business picture, Cloud Small Business is for you.

    Upload Data

    Cloud Small Business allows the user to upload flat file data (such as CSV, Excel, Word, PDF, JSON and XML), and transform, cleanse, normalize and integrate that data to gain a complete 360 degree view of all their business operations.

    Integrate Data

    Have customer data spread across many different files and file formats? Use NNCompass to bring that all together, get recommendations on where your data is similar, and integrate that into an single export.

    Export Data

    Once you've wrangled, cleansed, normalized and integrated your data, now export it to any number if business intelligence tools, or even just back to a master MS Excel or CSV file.

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Learn More About NNCompass

NNCompass Main Features


Easily Connect to and Ingest Data of All Types

NNCompass allows you to upload a variety of flat file types and connect to SQL databases to quickly ingest data. We run analytics and profilers across all the data at time of ingest to give you recommendations on how to integrate the data, and understand the data at a low level.

Transform, Wrangle, Cleanse & Normalize Your Data

Once you've uploaded or connected to a data source, NNCompass gives you the ability to transform the data, live and in-memory. We don't copy data from one location to another. You can perform dozens of transform operations on that data, view the profiling analytics, understand the in-memory schema (Data Dictionary) and see which fields might be similar across your data, and export or stream directly from the Data Source page.


Data Groups & Data Integration

Data can come from all over the place -- internal data sets, 3rd party contractors, Data-as-a-Service providers. We wanted an easy way to bring all these data sources together seamlessly based on concepts ideated by you, without having to write parser code or be the subject matter expert. NNCompass runs a machine learning algorithm across all the data sources to find similar and exact data fields, and recommends how you could integrate multiple data sets into one master set.